Rising above stigma, your insight

i now rise above any ill stigma towards what i went through, for they do not fully know the limit of suffering one can have in there hearts, only ones that suffered this efliction can understand, sorrow is a light word to describe it.

but there is hope, and personaly ive found it, i suffer no more, my feelingS and thoughts have transformed leaving me in a state of bliss now and again, to think how i was and too think how i am now is AOK


You seem to be in a good mood lately


some times words can’t describe how i am feeling, lets just call it bliss here and there…ive learnt the hard way…

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i fought the fear and chased the pain… :tractor:

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I feel like we should have a movement and a slogan like “legalize it” was for marijuana (which is bad for us, I just like the slogan). We need our own Bob Marley.

I Think BOB MARLEY Is One Of Tha Graytist Musicians Thus Earth Has Ever Seen and Is Lucky Enough To STILL Have Around Be It Within Invisible Radio Frequencies … ,

His Album LEGEND Is One Of My Favorites … ,

Equal With BON IVER’s First Album … ,

My Favorite Story Which Is Sad / Brave and OR Jus Brilliantly Amazingly Awesome and It Is Such , A Story That Halters Before Stepping Into A Pit Of Thine Unknown … ,

From What I Heard BOB MARLEY Had A Cancer Within His Body … ,

He Went To See His Doctor and Tha Doctor Said ,

“all we have to do is cut it off” … ,

Mr . Marley Said : " NO THANK YOU I LOVE MY BODY " … ,

He Passed Away But His Spirit STILL Remains as I Lissen To Him Sing Songs Such As … ,


A Man That Will Live Forever … ,

At Least Within My Heart …

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I’ve learned to keep quiet and just live my life the best I can. It’s working out just fine. :blush:

Also because the last thing I want is a pity party. I just want to be treated as an individual with respect

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We have John Nash. The guy had the balls to try and prove the Reimann Hypothesis. Probably what made him crazy. Way better than bob marley.

Lyfe Is Not A Contest …

Lyfe Is Breathing Beauty Of A Gyft That Cannot Be Taken Away As Long As We Hold Tite To Our NATURAL Clean Heart …


I have been working on not letting other peoples opinions bother me.

There is always going to be some stigma somewhere… there is always someone who is going to be behind the times with a negative mind.

I have to live my day the best I can, and not worry about the stigma.

What people do and how they act… says more about them then me. I can’t let others get under my skin with their negativity.


My insight? I think younger people in real life legitimately look up to me and people my age & older respect me in the real world. I don’t think they even understand or know what SZ is and have no idea I even have it.

I “pass” on all accords as a sane human being in the real world & on the internet. The only people who have ever seen me paranoid & in a manic SZ state are police, my family, and my social worker. My doctor hasn’t even seen me in manic states and my therapist said he would have no clue that I had something like SZ given how good I am at socializing.