Ripped tendons in the elbow

I’m in the sidelines in a sling over the course of 2 months I have managed to rip the muscle from the tendons and can’t play My Guitar for 2 weeks or more I can barely do household chores and friends and family that I depend on give little service to help him bite me you even want


Get well soon DrZen.


oh man, I am so sorry. heal fast and take care of yourself.

How did it happen?

From moving to over working I just wore it out


Sending healing prayers your way. You’ll surely elbow your way outta this rut :wink:

I’m sorry @DrZen
I have a torn rotator cuff injury and occasionally will wear an arm sling too.

It sucks getting old :frowning:

I hope you heal quickly

good luck in recovery

sorry for the pain and not even being to be able to practice the guitar

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