RIP Bluey - and stopped my meds

My budgie Bluey died this afternoon. I only had him three months. Don’t know why but my last three budgies I only had for a few months then they died. Frustrated, maybe its the winter cold.
I have been naughty - for three days I have stopped my pills, because of a side effect I don’t like. but it didn’t help to stop because the effect is still there - low sex drive. I found that the negative symptoms have worsened so I am going to go back on the meds tomorrow, because if the symptoms get worse I fear I can’t look after myself or my husband and then it will mean hospital will be a possibility again. Today I felt dead and empty and overwhelmed. I find myself staring into space, preoccupied with my thoughts. Its like that all the time. I cant wait to see my pdoc next Thursday, I have a lot to tell and ask him. I can’t carry on like this, I may need an increase in meds, because for the last few weeks they were less effective.

I hope you get back on track soon @EarthChild - good thing you are seeing the pdoc on Thursday - sorry for the loss of your pet

Sorry to hear that your pet died. I would stay on meds if I were you. Going off medication is never a good thing from my experience.