Ring worm spreading

I have had ring worm on my leg for the last 3 months… Thought it was gone with the cream my nurse gave me but went to urgent care tonite and learned its back and spreading… So now i have another, stronger cream that i have to put on 2x a day for 4 weeks… Dang i feel gross got some skin eating disease all over my body!

That sounds horrible to have to deal with @Itsme. I hope it clears up and you feel better.

Thanks… Bad stuff always seems to happen on one another…


does ringworm eat the skin? i thought it was a fungal infection?!

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Ya its fungal but i got my entire calf covered 3 smaller spots on my belly… Its super gross and honestly i have no idea what it does…

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im sorry to hear that, actually sounds really gross and hope you get better.

i also have bad skin, eczema etc. at times my entire back is rashes!

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O… That has to stink!

+1 to gross skin. I have reoccurring CARP (confluent and reticulated papillomatosis). It comes back when I get stressed, which is just cruel and laughable. The only thing that works for it is a certain antibiotic, but it makes me really sick for the 2 weeks I’m on it, so I tend to ignore it until it gets bad and I can’t ignore it anymore.

Hope this new cream works for you and you can finally get rid of it!

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Another +1 to gross skin, I get eczema on my face and my legs when I’m stressed.

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I don’t have a skin condition unless you count terrible, terrible acne (which has been great now, thanks to Aczone!). I have had ringworm before, though. I pet a cat that came up to my back door in an apartment complex, and a little white later, a ringworm appeared on my arm right where the cat had been brushing up against. I think he was a stray, so he wasn’t well cared for. Mine went away easily with treatment. Still gives me the heebie jeebies, though.

I had a friend get ringworm right in the center of her forehead in middle school. It was huge! Easily the size of a silver dollar. It took forever to go away, and it scarred too. If I recall correctly, hers spread to a few other places, too, but none were nearly as bad as the one on her forehead.

I think you are supposed to avoid touching the area(s) since it is contagious and will spread. Wash your hands with soap after treating it. Don’t use a bath pouf to clean yourself since it will spread the ringworm. Keep the area dry; since it is a fungus, it will thrive in a moist environment.Change your towels and bed sheets often. If you don’t already, I’d recommend sleeping in a shirt/shorts or night gown each night so that you lessen the likelihood of getting it on your sheets and spreading it to your partner (if you have one). And last but not least, even if it looks like the ringworm is gone, keep using the medicine for the full prescribed time.

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