Right on the edge of starting something

I’m right at the edge of starting something new. I’ve got some project ideas floating around and I’m almost ready to start. But something keeps holding me back. I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s a lack of motivation, maybe it’s just inertia.

What do you do to kick start yourself into motion?

Honestly? Put things off until the last moment and then panic. Provides motivation, but what you gain in urgency you lose in terms of quality in the final product. :frowning:



Haha, that’s usually how I deal with things.

many times I sabotage my own efforts with my huge lack of confidence. I get help with stuff. I take my idea and get help writing it down in small steps and try not to look at all the steps at once. If I did that, I would just freeze up while being overwhelmed.

Also, it helps me when others are sort of excited about the idea too, so I do tell people I’ve got a new idea to try.

But I do ask for help, and that will sometimes motivate me if others are interested.

It easier for me to try and take a new thing one step at a time.

Good luck with your new venture.


I follow the slogan of Nike : “Just do it”.
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.


Yeah I just reluctantly do it - it is very difficult for me to get going. The primal things like eating comes easy though

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get a white board and list the steps however small or large and then tick them off as you go, that is what i do…it is less overwhelming when things are broken down into segments.
take care


I revel in the feeling of expectancy instead of doing the concrete work it requires to get the job finished. And never get it done.

caffeine and nicotine. Try a monster energy drink, the classic green one, not the sugar free garbage, and a a couple of cigs. Makes me do things. If you really want to do things go to a GNC or vitamin shop and buy a preworkout and take like 4 scoops with water. Then you will be as legally stimulated as possible…but if you REALLY want to do something, huff some ammonia. LOL

Sit at the computer and open the inter-net I mean MS word…MS word and the inter-net? I don’t know been so stuck on finishing the old stuff its been awhile since I had to worry about starting something new.

You may have perfectionist procrastination…Break desired project down into manageable little tasks and tackle something daily. When finished, let project sit for at least of day and review for perfection or get someone else to edit it before presenting to whomever!

A man walks into the bar with a jumper cable, and asks for two beers for them. The bartender looks at the jumper cable and says “ok, I’ll serve you, but don’t start anything.”


There is a very good book on following through on our intentions by Dr. Steve Levinson, Ph.D (and another author). He is a clinical psychologist. It is entitled “Following Through.” His web site, which isn’t as thorough as the book, in my opinion, is Another good website is, but it certainly doesn’t give all of the strategies in that book or in that web-site. is more specific to just one type of follow-through strategy. I’m not going to try to describe all of strategies that can be gleaned from the book “Following Through,” but if anyone is interested, I guess I could discuss a few of them.

What did I do to get myself to finish the biggest project that I recently finished? I used a strategy that Dr. Levinson might call ‘creating a compelling reason.’ I threatened myself with taking something specific away from myself if I didn’t complete it by a given time. It worked, even though I seemed to have some kind of mental block about working on the project at the time.

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I hope you move into the start something phase if that is your desire. I’m starting a class in August. I hope I do well.

What is it that your are starting new? A fitness plan? Then I just wake up and realize I haven’t reached my goal yet. Then I take the steps to get closer. It all can’t be completed in one day. In due time.