Right. OK. I'm trying to fall OUT of love. Any suggestions?

As I said before, I’ve recently fallen for a married woman. This was OK, even pleasant at the beginning, because with this disease, I’ll take any pleasant feelings I can get.

Reality has set in. Like I knew it would, because I’m actually quite sensible deep down. A triumph of the head over the heart. Yay. But…

Do I just wait? Don’t they say love is fleeting anyway.

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Has always worked for me. But I know it sucks. Hope you fall out of love quickly. :relaxed:


No, you’re absolutely right. There’s no alternative other than to wait it out. Thanks.

Well there is one alternative I can think of, but I’m not sure how good of a suggestion it is… You could try to start dating people. Meet new people IRL or just try online dating.

Honey if they’re not divorced they’ll go back any time encourage her to rekindle and leave.

I’m not ready to date yet, but I’ve set myself a target of a year to do so. I want to get to my target weight first. The ‘waiting it out’ solution seems the best and probably easiest at this point. Thanks again.

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I agree with that. Fortunately/ unfortunately I don’t have a romantic bone in my body.

Good luck!

Think of it like any addiction. Substitute other behaviors - study something, pick up a hobby, associate with other people, if you find yourself thinking about her, distract yourself.

Also, consider if there’s something about her that represents something you’re missing in your life. Is she more active? Does she get out more? Is she better educated? If you can identify something like that, work to make it part of your life on your own.


Oh man, my best advice is to roll it out, let time do it’s thing

I’ve had unhealthy crushes in the past, and they normally sorted themselves out with time. I think I just panicked on this one as it hit me out of the blue.

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Yes, that’s what I’m going to do I think. It’s the easiest, and most efficient way. But the situation sucks. I honestly hate having crushes.

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Cold showers man. Cold showers.


Yeah, if I didn’t have an issue with hot ones! :smile:

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Cold baths would probably do it, too.


Let it be what it is @everhopeful… I kind of did the same thing when I had the oppurtunity…

Like you said though you aren’t ready to date and don’t bother concerning yourself with the inherent rejection of a married woman… If you are just depressed about being alone… There is always more time to find someone. You’re a swell dude… Sz or not you seem like you could treat someone right.

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When I have a problem I can’t solve, I give it to God.



I have had some long term crushes but eventually they fizzled out with time. These days I am so fickle and it changes every day who I am thinking about romantically. I am not as obsessive as I was when I was younger and the hormones were giving me merry hell!


You can always have a fling, damage hers and your life, get back when you were at the beginning but with the sour taste in your mouth… seriously? Wait it out. Yeah love is fleeting away. No physical contact - no oxytocin produced and coming along attachment; no shared memories - no melancholy over time spent together. The best advice: out of sight out of mind (if it is possible)… good luck.


Does this married woman know how you feel about her? Need more info…? If you just have fallen for her but there is nothing between you two as far as words expressing that you should have an affair, I suggest trying to forget about it. If she has said words with you leading to an affair well that’s something…don’t get yourself shot by the way !!