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🗯⁉:one::two: Say Anything the Twelfth :one::two:🗣📣


Whoa. That’s a lot of sugar!


Dude, you’re an ass. Why bring that up? I wasn’t aware of tukey having been to med school, but if she was and failed at it, that would have been a terrible thing for her, having such a dream crushed by MI, so why bring it up? I know about this from firsthand experience, having done a year of med school, only to have to leave it due to my first psychotic break.


@shenzhixian once told me tauntingly that i should focus less on software design and more on my diet. Then he later denied it saying he “doesn’t swing with a fat joke”. You are an ass, @shenzhixian.


Hey, thanks. That was nice of you and that is how I did feel though I’m over it now.


So I talked to my friend today and she suggested that I disclose my mental illness to my boss. On Monday I will go tell her that I have a mental illness and am currently having problems with stamina. Would it be ok to spend no more than 2 hours a day on filing and running errands. Those are not supposed to be my main jobs anyways. My main job was supposed to be at a desk answering phones and filing paperwork.


my parents can be such douchebags, not to mention my sister. they’re supposed to be my support network as im extremely socially withdrawn, yet they ignore me and belittle my issues. i dont understand how anyone can be so callous.


Depressed. :disappointed_relieved: Goodnight lovelies. :innocent:


And who are you to judge my questioning of facts. Why is it that you come up and defend her all of a sudden.


The same can be applied to you @Nomad. Why are you all of sudden defending @tukey when I asked a simple question.


Let him ask his question…!! I think its a honest question … guys…!!!


I just managed to drop an entire bowl of popcorn on the floor as I was putting it on the table. It was literally two inches from the table as my hand suddenly flopped and the bowl fell.


I am not sure if this is a good idea. :confused:


I think it’s a good idea.
Bosses aren’t allowed to fire her just because of mental illness, and it might give her boss a better understanding of her.


I got fired twice. They will make up another excuse to fire you but companies like to hire people who can do a lot and work hard under stress.


Companies like efficiency.
But if a boss doesn’t know about a diagnosis, they might think the person is just being lazy. If they know about why things are the way they are, there’s a bigger chance of them being understanding.


None of u guys are ass here…!!! Think about it…!!!


I leave for one day and things go down the drain. Well wait no longer. Hello boys! I’m baaaaccckkkk


I’m a sensitive, normally non-abrasive person, both of which are more than I can say for you. You’re abrasive af, I’ve been seeing it since you joined the forum, but this time I didn’t feel like letting it slide. You’re so hung up on facts that you can’t show any sensitivity. That is all. I can defend whomever I please.


Well I don’t know who you are nor really cared until you blatantly interjected my question which was meant for someone else and not you.


I wish on this thread people would @___ whomever they were talking to or say their name. Its hard to follow much of the time because there are many conversations going at once.