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🗯⁉:one::two: Say Anything the Twelfth :one::two:🗣📣


Are you still feeling wobbly and stumbling around, or are you feeling better now?


Still stumbling, but not as bad. It’s naptime now so I think I’ll try to sleep for a few minutes if I can. Maybe that will help.


finished my ski season today. am totally not doing that again next winter, it was a good time with my mom, but I’m over it already and i’d rather save my money.

anyways we got warmer weather on the way this week, so maybe spring will come early again, despite the groundhogs prediction. right now I’m looking at april fools day as my day to set out seeds, going to be growing salad greens, onions, culinary herbs, and maybe some herbs to smoke and definitely some herbs for tea. got a lot of work to do


OMG. I just discovered that I sent sa message to my mother-in-law instead of my friend and it was a super embarrassing weird message. Like, not something I would ever tell anyone except this one veryr close friends that we always share TMI stuff with each other. OMG I’m dying. My MIL must think I’m off my rocker. :fearful::joy:


Just got my sodium Benzoate. I have to wait till the scale arrives.


I haven’t felt this bad in a while … I wish the thoughts would just stop. I cried for about 30 minutes in the bath and on the bathroom floor. Also took some more SSRI ,I wanted to take the whole pack .


I am still bummed out I have to quit this job because I am quite motivated by the decent pay. But I will look into other ways I can make money. I applied to be a part time 1 on 1 tutor and after school coding teacher. I also am looking into computer programming by studying JavaScript and possibly freelancing in the future. Might take a art class that meets on Sundays since I always wanted to get back into art. I am not a wuss and enjoy being busy. But this job was just too busy for me, it doesn’t mean I’ll never find a job again.


Went to a Chinese buffet with my wife and son for lunch earlier. Talked about moving to Germany some more and talked about University over there. Been a nice day so far!


Signing up for a free drawing day at the museum next week. You can bring a sketchbook and pencils. Then next month I will sign up for the Sunday class on drawing and painting in the museum. I talked to my best friend and feel better. I will apply to more jobs that sound easier to make up for all this spending. It feels bad to me to quit such a basic job. I was so close to my dream of moving out and having money for a car and trip to Japan and all this ■■■■. Today I did a lot of coding but still don’t feel fulfilled. I want to at least make more than I spend…


Goodnight lovelies. :innocent:


MIt has been a tough week but I notice going to work seemed to toughen me up a little or something. I managed to study twice as much on my online class than usual. I didn’t go out and spend a penny. I didn’t take as many “phone breaks.” Man this job was so good for my mental health… :frowning: also my room smells weird today. :frowning:


My eyes popped open a couple hours ago, after only about four hours of sleep. I was wide awake, so I decided just to get up, have coffee, do my usual morning stuff.

I didn’t go to work last night or the night before, on account of the snow and how terribly my car handles it. Now I see in the weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning that the national weather service is calling for a mix of snow, freezing rain and sleet. Freezing rain, really? That’s the friggin worst! Yeah, I’m most likely not going to work tonight. I’ll probably just chat with my very good friend most of the night again; that’s more fun, anyway.

Even if I am giving up money, that job/money is not worth risking my life or my car. My car insurance has a $500 deductible that I could not afford if I got into a wreck for which I was considered at fault.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I’m just not seeing much in other threads that I really could or would want to comment on.


I slept for 13 hours last night :sweat_smile:
I guess I’m either going to be up all night, or get super tired due to sleeping too much.


I had a hard day yesterday. Three panic attacks; one in the waiting room of the doctors office (embarrassing)

Then I had to go out and socialize even though I hate leaving my house and didn’t feel up to it. Also I had to be around drunk people and I find them soooo annoying.

I got into a spat with my boyfriend too. We rarely fight so when we do it really upsets me.

Don’t want to leave my bed today. But I promised I’d give my bff emotional support today since she has a really important appointment.



I want to go to the store and buy an energy drink, and stay up all night. Not sure it’d be a good idea, though.
Caffeine tends to give me raising thoughts, and staying up all night will make me feel weird, but I have a need to reset my sleep schedule somehow.


I feel like I should take the kid to the playground and enjoy the sun and vitamin D, but I’m so lazy right now. I’ve been pushing myself a lot lately and I just don’t want to even stand up. But that’s not fair to her. Hmmmm.


I wound up buying 4 different energy drinks :sweat_smile:
I’ve never tasted any of them, so I’m interested to see how they’ll be. The one I’m drinking right now is a danish one called “Faxe Kondi Booster Free”, and as the name suggests, it’s sugarfree.
I bought two sugar-free energy drinks, and two with sugar.

I’ve been having a headache today, and I’m wondering if it’s because I’m missing my daily caffeine boost. It’s going to be a long night if the people from my discord server keeps having other things to do than voice-chat, but most of them should be waking up soon.
Nerds with lives? Unheard of! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s Starfinder day and I’m still bitter I didn’t get invited to play this one.


I am struggling with severe fears I am pregnant despite an IUD, and my POS ex-bf keeps putting off taking me to the ER, since that’s all my insurance will cover here. :frowning: I am very sad.


Where are you from? Can you not get a pregnancy test at a dollar store or pharmacy?