"Rifters:" Extra Residents In the Brain?

Normies experience their mind and world in a social context without the pseudo tele-transmission in the works. This concept is and was never applicable to them.

When they hear or see other people, they interpret the words, gestures, postures, etc, and they react in articulate ways. There’s nothing more to it. They are physically in a world of sociality, and they are mentally in a brain that is socialitous which creates voices and other informationous signals, but the concept of pseudo tele-transmission is never in the works.

In the meantime sz’s are dealing with their minds as though what their minds mean half of the time are pseudo tele-transmissions from other people or things. When they look and hear the world, this is the kind of world they observe. When they experience the workings of their brain from the inside, this is the nature of that habitat as well.

I’ll try to explain this with a diagram. On the right side of the black line in the shaded area you see a hinge. On the left side in the lighted yellow area you see the ends of the lines.

The sz always says that there is a self mind and a non-self mind. So one end of the lines in the lit yellow area represents the “self consciousness” that the sz reports. The other end of the lines in the lit yellow area represents the “non-self consciousness” that the sz reports.

Both “selves” are mind, and mind is information. This information is from the same brain, and there are no pseudo tele-transmission capacities for these organs. The human species has been lost in the idea that there is such a phenomenal capacity to themselves, but anytime they figure out what their minds are, thus knowing what information is about, they quickly forget that, and their IQ’s and success increases dramatically. There was a time when the entire world thought it was real. This was before writing though.

It’s the nature of the mind, and that’s how it works. It’s not the exception. It’s the default nature. So if you were to figure it all out, or learn about it, you’re the historical exception to this “split self” norm throughout history and pre-history.

The problem is that the sz cannot see that hinge where they are connected to that other end of the line that they see clearly in their mind as though it was from all around them. They can’t figure out how they are connected to those voices and so forth. Where they are connected to them in the same brain that they are coming from is not perceivable.

The real problem is that they don’t see their mind. Conscious awareness is the ability to observe the mind at all times, what it’s doing, what it’s meaning. To someone like this they are looking at a world inside of themselves first. You can call it your own mind world, and through this mind world they are perceiving the outside world. To them they are looking at other people and the world through a pair of “mind goggles.”

It’s their brain, and they use it like it really exists. They use it logically.

You’re muscles make movements, and your brain makes information. Everything you’ve ever sensed, felt, thought, remembered…everything is information that your brain makes. The information means everything that the information means.

Therefore what you see is you because it’s your mind. What you hear is you because it’s your mind. Everything is your mind, and your mind means things that are true and false about reality. It is tricky, and it is helpful too.

The voices are your mind no differently than any other information that you’ve ever experienced about reality.

The voices and everything else says more about your brain and mindology than it does about anything else in the world because that’s what’s happening first and foremost. Everything is a mind event. It’s really happening. Mind is happening, and you’re in it, and you are it at the same time. You’re happening, and you are the shape and nature of everything you see, hear, think, feel, remember…

You’re information, and you’re made by your brain.

Rifters are what I call the “non-selves” that seem to be residential in the brain like rabbits burrowing residency in the same hill. It seems as though there is self information in the brain, and there is non-self information in the brain or rifters.

I call them rifters because of the splittyness of the mind. The mind’s voices and such perturb one’s own mind. The brain is emanating information as though it were more than one personality. Keep in mind that personality is a description of the information that your brain makes. Sz brains are making information as though it were self and others without knowing it…without the ability to see the hinge. The hinge is not “seen,” but really the problem is that the mind is not “seen” or understood yet.

A rift is a divide between two planes. You see that the two lines in the diagram have a rift in between them when the right side is covered up. When the right side is uncovered, we see that there is no divide, no rift, and the lines are connected.

That’s how it is for sz minds. There’s these voices, it’s our minds, but it appears there’s a rift between self and non-self information, and it’s very, very emotionally disturbing…even torturous. And ultimately this becomes very depressive, and phobias can develop.

I was of the belief in pseudo tele-transmission life, world, people, and universe ever since I was a kid. The road of life was loaded with instructions and suggestions about this being a reality. Then when I took it seriously, it handicapped me. I developed rifters.

If I never would have developed rifters, I would have never looked very, very closely at the phenomenon of mindology. It was a life and death struggle for me, a trap, a fight and a race from the beast in a kind of right and wrong information maze that was never fair nor rational nor logical…and that beast was me.

I simply could not see the hinge where the beast side of me connected with my familiar side of me because I believed my mind was what it wasn’t, and I believed it was capable of what it couldn’t do. My paradigm was of the construct that everyone and everything was capable of pseudo tele-transmission phenomenon, so I couldn’t do anything right, but I tried harder than anyone. I was fighting for the right to be me in this life, world, country, and city. I lost all family, friends, and associations. I had to figure out how to work for myself which was a good thing for me to learn to do.

I believed in invisible deities, ghosts of ancestors, invisible demons, a deified universe, and telepathic people. This wasn’t just my sickness. This was my religion, and I lived it not trying pretend it. It just that my brain made my mind world in me like this, but this is not abnormal for the human species. Humans have done this the whole wide time.

So my “hill” or brain organ was filled with rifters. Anything that the mind is is simply information, but this was information that was non-self information. It was the other end of the line on the other side of the rift like in the diagram.

Rifters can be mean, cynical, and brutal in many, many ways. If the mind can do it, the rifters can turn what the mind can do against you whether it’s memories, hearing, words, proximity, proprioception, feelings, hunger, pain, disgust, being offended, tired, scared, sad… They even react even harder, smarter, with more emphasis when its getting us down.

They also can be friendly. It’s alluring. It feels like moral support and like good company, but then before too long, they become brutal and lashing again. Mean. Predatory. Psychopathic.

When you believe in sci fi fantasy like the mind information can come from other people, beings, dimensions, creatures, technologies, and even from other times before or after your life time, you’re believing a rift into your paradigm. How you understand your mind is how you understand everything and everyone else. The theory of mind is someone’s theory about what other minds are doing, thinking, reacting like… If your theory about your mind is wrong, then it’s wrong about others’ minds too, and the theory about the universe is normally wrong too.

In the sz’s particular case there is a rift believed into existence. Belief is information. Mind is information. Ontology, subject, predicate, logic, fallacy, concepts, paradigm…it’s all mind, and it says straight up in these people that some of it is from other people or things, and some of it is from the self. That’s a mind rift based on the source proximity of the where that information comes from and goes to day by day, minute by minute.

And it cripples the mind into a split bicameral sz.


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