@rhubot what would you have done?

When your 4 year old daughter playing basketball with the young guys

wanted to be skins with no shirt on?

It was a hard one,

but I let her.

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@Daze I actually think that’s pretty cute! She probably just wanted to fit in! It would have been tough for you but I would have done the same thing you did.

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yeah, I didn’t want to create a gender bias at any point


You’re a good Mum Daze!

ahh thanks

Phil says it’s just not something you do
why you talking to me about stupid stuff

ah yes, go back to your book, Phil


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4 may be okay but I don’t think you should let her as she gets older though. Especially when she hits puberty. Just my opinion though.

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I have a five year old niece. I would let her.

Sorry for the delayed response, had to get a new phone and have been setting it up all afternoon.


Thanks honey

I’m glad you approve