Rexulti anyone tell me their experience?

I got a script for Rexulti .5mg. Starting it cold turkey tomorrow and coming off zyprexa 10mg. I am curious how it is for people. Switching due to immense weight gain.

not bad on 1mg. no side effects.

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It has been awesome for me. I am on 2 mg. No side effects. Greatly diminishes my symptoms to where they are practically nonexistent. Really the only time I have flare ups is when I forget to refill it on time and have to go a few days without it.


I’m on 2mg as well and it deals with 90% of my positives and 90% of my negatives. I still have ups and downs, but they are manageable. For about 6 months I had reduced libido, but that has resolved now.

If I could stick to eating healthy, exercising, not drinking and sleeping well I’d be on top of the world.

0.5mg seems pretty low, coming from 10mg Olanzapine, but I’m far from and expert. If your symptoms get worse don’t be afraid to talk to your pdoc.

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I’m on 4mg… I don’t think it does much for me. I want to try something else… no side effects no weight gain.

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what were your positive symptoms? Im thinking about trying it

how long till re x ulti worked

Doc took me off Geodon because of cardiac concerns and put me on Rexulti. It was about 75% as effective as my old med. Needed more of it to handle things and the side effects were worse. Switched back.