Revolutionary wars

It seems many revolutionary wars are won by the suppressed country? Or is this an ignorant statement? Why is this? When the countries revolt, they have more troops and it’s also their home turf? Sign of the times for oppressive countries to not have too much interest vested in their colonies? And countries that are still held under European/American rule, do they want that, or they just gave up and thought war wasn’t worth it. Such as Puerto Rico and Guam, maybe they want to be part of the USA?

Give me a history lesson :ghost:

I know England has lost a lot of territory

Same with Spain

Even Portugal

France still owns a lot of Africa I think? Or maybe I’m wrong on that too…

Seems revolutions are often times successful.

I think you just don’t hear as much about unsuccessful revolutions. They get downplayed as terrorism or just crime or something similar.


Yeah I was thinking that

My two favorite movies growing up were braveheart and the patriot…both about successful revolutions

Hollywood brainwashing!

Then I remember a movie about the Mexican Revolution I liked too

i can state one fact on the matter, invading countries, the occupying country, has always lost in the last 40 years. and with revolutions a more powerful country, like the US,will almost always help a country. send them equipment and sometimes ground troops to establish a government that will be in favor of the supporting country. I don’t know about Guam but there are movements that want solidarity for Puerto Rico.

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Thanks for your insight!

This is an interesting topic!

I also wonder if the south won the civil war, how different America would be today

I mean I’m sure Slavery would be abolished eventually, but good (from my perspective) prevails in almost every us war in the past

I dunno what prevailed in Vietnam though

F war though

But sometimes a necessary evil especially in the past

The us does a lot more outside of the big name wars. for example, Hillary Clinton helped lead a coup in Honduras that completely destabilized the country. we took out their democratically elected leader

She makes me angry :angry:

But I’m sure Donald trump would make me angry too :angry:

Nosy USA these days

the worst the us ever did was Cambodia. we got the cia to help the united food group to keep control over the food supply. yay cheap labor!!

Have you ever heard about this cia experiment…

I know it’s not a war, but rather a test, a chemical test

wow doesnt surprise me though.must have been really potent

Mt Turtle would be able to give you a really good response to this. He is an expert on revolutionary and colonial wars. You should see his books, they take up a whole spare room!

Edit: I just asked and got a lesson. I always try to remember things from what he talks about because then we can discuss it again in future.


I’ve heard of this! Doctor Cameron MK Ultra Project Paperclip

Once, at in outpatient clinic, another sz started lecturing me on Mk-ultra and I rudely interrupted him and interjected with “Yes, Dr. Cameron, psychic driving, I know, yes” He thought it was great and he told my doctor that I was a smart girl. hahaha!

I like to think of cia experiments and any history tale related to brainwashing, mind control, as “sz folklore” except real! Somehow, we all know about operations related to mind control, eerily. i guess because we gravitate towards conspiracies and stuff…we inevitably fall into very real territory.

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