Revisiting zoloft

So i mentioned I am finally back on zoloft. Its a med i had great effectiveness with in the past, unfortunately my prescriber at the time raised my dose too high too fast and i developed a bladder disorder that lasted for years. However I no longer have that issue, which i am extremely greatful about, so i am back on it now and taking things slow.

The first day i took it i knew my serotonin must be so low because it made me HIGH. So so loopy. But very relaxed. But the more important thing was i noticed my racing thoughts just stopped entirely and i could just sit contentedly. My fiance actually thought something was wrong with me because i became so quiet and still!

After the first time taking it i didnt feel that loopy high feeling anymore and didnt notice much else until today, 5 days after starting it, i went to apply liquid eyeliner and for the first time in my life i was able to apply it easily because my hands werent shaking from stress. That was such a huge moment for me, seeing how steady my hands were.

I feel so excited to continue with this. I really think this and my job change will turn things around for me.

summary: I am already noticing improvements from starting zoloft like it stops my racing thoughts and gives me a steady hand! And ive only been taking it about a week so far at a small dose! Cool!

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zoloft is a nice med tho i recently stopped it due to trouble sleeping at night and impulsiveness when it comes to buying stuff that i feel may be from it.

i was going through post acute withdrawal symptoms after stopping klonopin for well over a year and i improved around the same time i started zoloft.
i had tried lexapro before but i always ended up quitting it after the first few days due to fear of mania because i felt too good in almost a drug like way even in the first few days. it took like 4 tries until i finally switched and just kept taking the zoloft and things leveled out.

i think im in the clean since being off benzos long enough and now may not need the zoloft, im glad for the time i had with it tho because i can barely remember how severely depressed i was before it

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