Reviewing the natural difference between boys and girls

Oh, gosh, I didn’t know that. I thought someone gave me the axe. Having had surgery reinforced that idea.

I’m not a loser, I’m a girl.

Like Maurice Chevalier said: Vive la Différence!


that’s a weird saying… like you think of youself as a loser and girls are like losers… you prob don’t mean it like that but it sounds weird.

Do you mean you are not aware of the inequality of rights for women?

to be honest not really =/
I know sometimes girls get payed less for same job but i never experienced that personally… i always made the same amount of money the men in same job did.

You’re still the matriarch of the forum. I think you may be older than my mother. She married at age 19. Sometimes I wonder if my Dad could earn her hand in today’s setting.

She said to me her only regret was being unable to get her college degree straight after high school. She thought her earnings would have been more so over the course.

But that was her nuclear fams fault growing up.


The Natural difference is that women have XX chromosomes as the 23rd pair and men XY. That’s it.

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The right to vote was fought for in the US. The right for equal pay was denied. When I was in school, there wasn’t even aa girls physical education class. If women complained about abuse, it was often ignored.


ah yea, but is that still the case now… i never experienced that i have less rights than men. But in the past i know there was big differences yea…

You have also to consider that you are from northern europe.

yea true… i agree! Maybe i’m lucky with where i was born.

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Actually, being in a sitting position for a long time is easier for women because we just settle down on our vulvas.

Trigger warning anorexia

Unless you are an anorexic female. My ass used to get bruised. From sitting when I was anorexic from the bones…

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