Reversing brain damage in schizophrenia

The fact is that can’t even know how far away we are from better treatments.

Are you sure that your cognitive deficits were due to brain damage?

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Yes, but my brain damage was due to a TBI. It might be different, but I think it’s the same basic idea. There are a lot of new studies saying that brain damage is reversible, and I would link a few if I wasn’t barely scraping by on 3G right now.

Chamomile tea has been scientifically proven to grow new brain cells. I remember reading about it a while back.

Don’t discount that progression in technology is exponential, not linear. I think we can safely say there won’t be anything earth shattering in the next 5 years, but beyond that, anything can happen. It does seem that the brain does have the capacity to heal itself, with better medical intervention, this capability will be expanded.

with the exception of the hippocampus your brain is done creating new connections (neurogenesis) by about age 25. In other words, there is little hope later in life, most neuroplasitcity is in children or in the lab in immature rat brains. Adults are much less likely to bounce back.

I just spoke with a very good old friend of mine about this.

No pornography or even masturbation.

No television.

No junk food.




Haldol (prefrontal dopaminergic activity like a mufuhga)

I have been studying for the LSAT and I can feel it rewiring my brain. Been working out and following a diet as well. Have the final interview for a job tomorrow. Just learned that porn ruins dopamine systems. No fap tonight. No fap for like three months actually.

Ive known television is retarded since I was a kid.

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I feel like once u have schizophrenia it doesnt get better or worse

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Yes, LSAT logic puzzles are helpful. It helps to be good at logic though like from studying symbolic logic. Math works too. After I solve the problem, I tend to forget it. I think I have memory loss. I’ve been learning how to effectively study. Stuff like focused vs diffuse learning and chunking. Instead of obsessing and doing something over and over, take a break and one might solve the problem in a bath or while running or even dreaming. Gotta get those connections going. Also, get lots of sleep.


It truly doesn’t get any better or any worse.
It only seems to.
Then at some point you snap back to a familiar, neutral place in between the two.

What about Neuroplasticity ooooohh thats the brain growing or making new connections

This tppic is too deep to cover in a single session as it requires getting to know your specific issues which requires dialog.

I’m fully functional on social and cognative levels.

It took time and I was hacked up to bits by schizophrenic interjections. The answers become obvious once you get it, but it all depends on if you have the right vision for how you want your internal stream of thinking to flow and the right capacitance to maintain it.

I still deal with a crapload of sz ■■■■. To much too disregard, but I make sure to see each valid and grounded train of thought through and to not let the distraction of whatever the sz throws at me to totally derail me and make me lose track of what I’m doing.

It can win in the short term but not the long. I always fight to restore topicality if it seemed natural and rational.

Gotta be patient with the self and the schizophrenia.

And also keep talking. Keep chatting it up with us. There is insight all around.


It’s impossible

Is it confirmed somewhere that Schizophrenia actually causes brain damage?

I can tell you that evey full blown episode damages the brain to where you can see it on brain scans.

Mental health is physical health for us- if our minds break, the brain breaks too.

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This used to be commonly accepted. However, new studies have shown that it is still possible to reverse brain damage in adults. Healthy brains stop making new connections by age 25. Unhealthy brains keep working to fix themselves.


I’ve had my own theory that pyschosis from schizophrenia has caused me brain damage as my speech and cognitive skills have declined after each period. I don’t doubt what you are saying, I’ve just never read much about it until now. :frowning: