Reversed sleeping problems

I usually have sleeping problems. I don’t sleep enough. Last night I fell asleep at 9 PM and woke up at 10:30 AM this morning. Morning? Lunch time. Kids had already made lunch for them selves.

It was nice to sleep. Maybe I needed it. No meds involved except Quetiapin that I always have.

Sounds like you were, haha, comatose


Sounds like a healthy nights sleep to me?

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Well it only happened once. You’re going to have to have consistent results for it to be reversed.

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I would welcome your problem.

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I slept so long I’m not sleepy now. It’s 10 PM. Usually I’m a wreck at this time.

The problem I have is I sleep all morning beginning at daylight, and a few hours in the evening and spend the rest of the night awake. The rest of the World doesn’t seem to function on my sleeping hours.

I used to work nights before I got kids. It was perfect for me.

I haven’t slept more than 3 hours in a row…for years.

I can sleep 12 hours a day everyday if I don’t have anything to do . I wish I could sleep less. 8 hours rarely feels restful for me

Tonight I hardly slept at all. Early sign for me. Hard to know if it is an early sign or just normal sleeping problems. I’ll take it as an early sign just to be safe. Sleeping pills here I come tonight.