Returned it to the right full owner

Keep getting packages from Etsy for this woman. So I opened it up today, it seems she shipped it to the wrong address. She used to live here. Now she lives the next town over. So I saw the papers from Etsy, with her info. I emailed her on Etsy and told her what happened, I immediately got a text back. I arranged my neighbor across the hall to give it to her because he works with her. So I did a good deed. Didn’t expect anything in return. Maybe the karma of the universe. Gotta go. Bye.


Good job mate! A very noble gesture and it should be rewarded even if for a little karma!

Good for you. I’m sure she really appreciates you going the extra mile.

wow, small world…good for you man !!

amazing gesture

u did a good deed and it’s gonna come back to u

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