Return to normal

thank god it’s over. just glad everybody has left after our labor day weekend. I need a return to normal after my vacation followed by labor day weekend. my place is a mess and I don’t have the energy to clean it. maybe later.

I think mom and dad will need a couple days to unwind, after all the social activity, so I won’t go over and visit as often.

so looking forward to fall, it’s back up to 90f degrees today and I need some cooler weather.

just going to try and be healthy for the next couple of months. I have my injection on Thursday. these last 5 weeks have flown by. my nurse is really cool and I look forward to seeing her, even though my shot is painful. just glad it’s over now. I was in no mood to be social yesterday.


Sounds like you had a good time. Good for you. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:


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