Return of the Old man!


So folks I finally returned to the cricket field today after 6 weeks off with dealing with ma. Long day. We ended up chasing 240 and only got 100 or so. I got 11 opening the batting with two boundaries. Not a bad start. Bit rusty and that didn’t help but I was quite happy with my input!

Nice to be back among the lads and enjoyed the day! Talked some plop with the boys. I never shut up on the field…got to keep the boys fired up!

So. It’s good to be back!!!


that’s great news. It must feel great to be back. I’m sorry to hear of your mother. My heart goes out to you.


Sorry to butt in, but what does plop mean ??


That’s great @rogueone! I don’t know anything about cricket, being an American, but i’m glad you’re back at it. Sounds like you had a great time!


I’m curious as well, although it’s obviously a local colloquiallism. I have a mental image of men chatting in adjacent washroom stalls.



@MrSquirrel that literally made me laugh out loud!


good for you @rogueone . don’t know much about cricket but you seem to have a passion for it. it’s good you got something to look forward to and share some camaraderie with your mates.

personally i’d play basketball still but i’m afraid i’ll hurt myself as I age. don’t know if there are injuries in cricket?


thats cricket :slight_smile: good stuff :+1:



Plop is just vernacular for talking a bit of rubbish! You aren’t too far off the mark @MrSquirrel ! haha.


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