Return from Moscow

After staying in Moscow for a while
seeing places such as the Red Square
attending a Soviet computer show
experiencing the Soviet life to some extent
it became the time to return to Helsinki
a flight from Moscow went very well
taking me back to Helsinki and its railway station
where I planned to stay for a night
but it was impossible told by a security guard
only to meet a strange lady
who offered me a place to stay for that night
and so I followed her to her apartment
to sleep well and wake up early for my train
offered a strange lady a cigar
she replied ‘no’ and so I went to the railway station
to take a train to a different city where I studied
with all my things I brought back from Moscow
a Soviet flag that was later stolen by some people
felt that I had achieved something
and so I completed my Moscow journey
29 years ago.

Da svidania. I hope you had fun. I have been learning Russian if you ever wanna practice together