- A carer's journey to understanding schizophrenia

Fiona Geddes is an actor and playwright. This summer, she will be taking her debut show Normal/Madness to the Edinburgh Festival, after previews in London at Theatre503 next week. Based on a true story, Normal/Madness explores a young woman’s journey of understanding while caring for a relative who has schizophrenia. Here’s Fiona’s story…

Choosing to write a play based on my family’s experience of schizophrenia was a tough decision, not in the least because my own family doesn’t even talk about it!

I was torn. On the one hand, I had a responsibility to protect my relative who is so fearful of the stigma that surrounds schizophrenia/mental illness that she cannot even face, let alone discuss, her own diagnosis. On the other, I also knew that the only way to break that stigma, to change perceptions, is by sharing our stories and experiences. What I didn’t expect, was that it would be my own perceptions that would change