Retching sound makes me anxiety and palpitation and I fear it,how to deal with it

I have schizophrenia because I fear retching sound, something made me do it.
And the fear makes me depression,how to deal with it?
Anyone else have the same thing like me,please tell me.

thought i would say hi.
you are safe on here…this site has helped me heaps.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:

thank you very much!

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Just know it’s the illness, you’ll be able to live better with it with time, are you on meds?

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And welcome! :smile:

yes. and I know the reason is in my brain.maybe obsessive-compulsive disorder.
I’m lost into reading or thinking and can’t stop it in right time as I need a rest,
then I heard retching sound ,I fear it.

That sucks, I’m sorry. Maybe you’ll be able to deal with it a little better over time. I kind of got used to my little scary stuff, although the meds help a lot.

what is your scary stuff,Is it convenient to tell me?

I used to see demons. Now I don’t anymore, but sometimes I hear whispers that come out of nowhere.

Know it, understand it, know the causes of it and remove the burden of your heart.
good luck.

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Thanks, to you too

I get overstimulated. My head feels funny. I can’t be in public too long or I start freaking out inside. I’m sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. They scare me.

Do you have find the reason you scare the loud noises and bright lights,
or something else made it?
for example,I scare the retching sound,
firstly,I feel these is something wrong in my body,
I can’t solve it,and I fear to tell it to others,
I’m depression,then come out the retching sound from others,
I fear it serious,hit me like a gun.
I have schizophrenia later,after some years knowing it,
my brain is the key,when I lost in unnormal reading or thinking,
just like obsessive-compulsive disorder, other sound can not shield,
and the sound come into my brain and scare me.
so the brain is unnormal working.
hope to know about your scaring’s reason.

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thanks very much.I fell much better after getting some advice.

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