Results show that long-acting injectable paliperidone could be helpful in some aspects of improving cognitive function in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders

There was no significant difference between the two groups(Invega pills and injection) in most cognitive domains including speed of processing, attention and vigilance, working memory, verbal learning, visual learning and reasoning and problem solving domain. However, patients treated with paliperidone palmitate showed better improvement in social cognition domain than those taking oral paliperidone. The standardized values of social cognition domain scores had significantly improved over time in patients under paliperidone palmitate, demonstrating a significant time-by-group interaction.

This is basically the whole article. Invega injections help with social cognition more than the pill form. I’m sure everyone will have a different definition of social cognition just choose wait relates with yourself the most in your own mind.

  • On Paliperidone pills good social cognition
  • On Paliperidone pills bad social cognition
  • On Paliperidone Palmitate injection good social cognition
  • On Paliperidone Palmitate injection bad social cognition

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In Japan they tried it and there were many suspicious deaths reported just google it from the 3 monthly injections… im not making this up im just saying if its making you super healthy again then im happy for you if not then youre f*cked

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