Results from world’s first MDMA alcohol use disorder trial

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I used to take ecstasy pills back in the day. I used to love them before schizophrenia. Such a great drug

I think it’s a bad idea.
I mean ecstasy as a treatment drug?

I don’t know maybe it’s just me.

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@Wave. If it helps us though… I’ve heard before that hallucinogenics and other drugs have the opposite effect on people with sz (I only read about it)

Btw I like the new profile pic

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Thanks @Twialine!


“Over an eight-week course of recovery-based therapy, participants received two sessions with MDMA (187.5 mg each session).”

That’s a good size dose of MDMA, I think they recommend around 120mg for a recreation dose.

I think.

Whatever works, I guess.

MDMA doesn’t really work on dopamine, it works more on serotonin I read .

yea and you only can take it once in a long time cause it depletes the serotonine you got in one go so if you do it too often you get sick

My sister takes mdma. She’s done it for 20 years. It gets her through.

I wouldn’t recommend it for schizophrenia. I used to take it before schizophrenia, but I took it once when I had schizophrenia and it was awful.

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