I have something like a memory of having been sent to the psych ward as a kid and having been put in restraints there although it is probably not the truth. I have wondered about the validity of this so-called memory often.

it isn’t even as if I acted out, in this memory. instead I was falsely accused. in this memory I was pulled out of restraints almost unable to breath and feeling totally rejected.


Thats called a false memory, they are actually quite common. I used to think that I ran an underground fight club. But I didnt. Its strange, I remembered being there and had flashbacks but it never happened. Maybe they were just intrusive thoughts that were disguised as memories. I dunno. All I know is that we have them and they are called false memories.

So youre not alone. But yeah restraints are terrible, Elyn Saks wrote something on people dying from them every year.

I’ve been in restraints many times before…it’s not fun. The last time was four years ago and I actually got out of them. I just sat up in bed and a security guard walked by and saw me. The nurse came and put me back in them. I didn’t even fight her, I don’t know why. I was thirteen the first time it happened. I fought them with all my might.

False memories are tricky. Two years ago I believed I had snakes in my stomach and remembered them slithering down my throat in the middle of the night, but obviously that never happened. I was so convinced that even when they didn’t find anything on the ultrasound I was sure they checked the wrong place. :sunny:

I have them from time to time. They are very annoying/frightening. They were scary in the beginning because they happened, you then did a reality check and knew they werent real, but experienced them as “real”. Not fun reflection.

The most disturbing part would have to be the part about being falsely accused, not about being in restraints so much.

I have had false memories. The key to making your mind understand they are false, is that there is always something in the memory that does not make sense, something that is not logically real about it. Good vibes Chris

False memories are worrisome if you experience them. On Lexapro I was close to it, or more I started fantasizing a bit and wishing I had different memories. It’s similar though because your mind can become stuck on situations and fabricate. I really try my hardest to never fabricate anything. It might be a symptom more of either depression or mania. Mania is not always related to mood but can depend on moods we attach to situations or experiences without reliving them.

Abilify does affect my memory, more-so short term but also long term. I mean it makes me space out a lot. It doesn’t affect my focus or concentration as bad anymore. It affects my judgement and makes me less flexible in my reactions. Instead of dealing with problems I can tune them out or be immune to them at a distance. I don’t feel emotions and I can’t do art or much writing on it. I drink lots of coffee etc to combat it.

Abilify is helpful for short-term trauma issues because it relaxes some people and can help them take a break from reality and stress. It doesn’t help me rationalize more-so it helps me deal by removing me from the situations.

I’ve been in restraints only once, in the ER. I was on Geodon and it was having an unusual affect or adverse affect on me which was not my fault. I flipped out because I had walked into town and then asked for a ride to the ER because I was experiencing mania, but when I heard my dad say he was sending me back to the place that put me on Geodon I walked out of the ER and a woman followed me. She put her hand on my shoulder firmly and I tried to run and push her off me so I was carried back to the ER and put in restraints for an hour given three injections of haldol and had to listen to my parents snap at each other in the same room. Now that’s torturous.

Imagine being in restraints AND having to listen to your parents bicker at eachother in front of you as if you weren’t even there.

Then I was put on Abilify and haven’t been back to a hospital or inpatient since I was seventeen.

My dad and mom were opposite opinions. My mom said I wasn’t mentally ill and was worried about long term affects of meds.

that’s sad. i feel bad when i feel or see or hear about in-home fighting. to me, that is the most painful.

my home was a post-holocaust home with my parents and grandma and aunts and uncles all trying to recuperate from the starvation etc. that had been through for 6 years. it was a complex home, beautiful but real and down to earth and that means we had our own baggage too.

i love my mom and dad. i especially worship my dad who died 5.5 years ago.


I believe that God once talked to me, and I’m forced to marry a girl i don’t like. is anyone familiar to such thing?