Restraints. I was just wondering

All three times I was strapped down, it seemed like all the orderlies and nurses all of a sudden had evil looks on their faces. I never mention this to anybody but it really scared me. Has anyone else experienced this? To me it seems like they had me helpless and powerless and they could do what they want with me and all that power maybe brought out the evil in them.
The three or four times I was restrained no one did anything to me but those looks in their eyes…………I don’t know if I imagined it or not.


Probably just your mind state at the time. Dont get me wrong, the nurses and people who work there know they’re dealing with people who are mentally ill. They do abuse their powers and are ignorant.


I’ve had staff at hospitals be disrespectful to me. It hasn’t happened since December 2016 and hopefully won’t happen again. I understand their jobs get stressful but it’s their job to be respectful and helpful.


Psychiatry is just a weird field to go into; I’ve met some pretty strange professionals in my life. But basically they are trained to be the sane ones, the voices of reason, but I’ve met counselors who I think to myself, “You are in the wrong field buddy (and women).” I’ve met disrespectful workers who are mean and sadistic to clients. I’ve seen workers who torment certain people to get a reaction from them and once the patient/client responds, they lay into them. Or I’ve seen the staff have huge egos and want to be adored by everyone, and it turns into a popularity contest between patients to see who he likes best. And the staff members have their little battles to be the most liked staff member by the patients.

Hell, it actually seems kind of fun; I feel fine but I think I’ll drive to the nearest hospital to check myself in and let the fun times begin.

IDK. Psychiatry is what we got so we have to put up with it.

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I like how you said they’re trained to be the sane ones. I literally think that’s what psychiatry does.

They access individuals and pretty much “throw” them into “sanity”. That’s why so many people switch therapists, because they’re viewpoint of sanity doesnt coincide with theirs.

But then again, what do SZs know about sanity?

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All I know is 2 lbs. of strawberry’s for $3.77 at the store today. Any sanity besides that is beyond my reach.

I seriously do feel though that in my experience, many counselors or even therapists take the job to help themselves with their own sanity.

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It could be worse. they could strap ya and ignore ya for days.

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I was restrained once because I was in a really deep state of psychosis. I was trying to hurt myself, so they strapped me down in the emergency ward.

When I was strapped down, I just felt like they were all against me and I just so horrified. It might be what you were feeling at that time. I also felt really helpless and powerless. It was just so horrifying.

I am sorry that you were restrained. It’s not pleasant but if I was not restrained I would have been injuring myself with any means possible.

Yeah, they killed a guy like that, but it was in jail. It was in the news a year ago. The guy had mental health issues so they put him in a seclusion room tied to a chair and left him alone for a day or two. When a cop finally checked on him he was convulsing and they leisurely entered the room to untie him while laughing and telling jokes. The guy died.

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I was left in fl mental seclusion room for 2 days alone.

Yessss I have felt this way before, sometimes I feel like since they have power they use us and don’t care. One time I was at the hospital it was all OK and smiling with the staff and then all the sudden one of them was grabbing me under my arms and he looked really mad and I was very scared. They put me in seclusion and it was really scary. Threatened to give me shots but I thought I was already calm. I think it’s a mix of getting triggered by what’s happening and assumptions/ anxiety and it just all comes together in an explosion of fear and anger. And it can be troubling because the visions come back. Try to stop your thoughts as soon as they come, and replace them with more positive ones. The staff were probably worried as well and didn’t look happy. But most likely meant no harm. And anyone being strapped down is probably nor happy either so it is hard to think clearly in that situation . I’m sorry that happened to you, I wish the best . :grin:

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