Restarting my meds

Going back on meds tomorrow after being off them for a month. Not looking forward to it :frowning:


that good though …it is awful to take made…but there iz no solution to it…plz have meds and life ur live. That’s
what I can say…take care…

Meds are the most important thing in my life.

I see my pdoc today and I am going to have a serious discussion about my health and how much are the antipsychotics playing a role with my diabetes. liver and kidney issues - and now Risperdal was messing with my heart rate at certain doses! This is unacceptable, I am going to ask her if I could get by on being on just another mood stabilizer that is not an antipsychotic - I will see what she says - I have a feeling she will tell me to stay on an antipsychotic.

Just recently learning of all the different adverse side effects these antipsychotics have on the heart!
I think that I am through with antipsychotics - I am getting too old for this sh*t!



I’ve been off meds for 5 weeks, and it’s becoming hellish. The problem is I don’t know which part of the hellish experience is withdrawal and which part is schizophrenia. Either way, for all my brave talk at the beginning, I’m not so brave now and really don’t know what to do. I can’t tolerate them, so am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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In my experience, it doesn’t actually matter one way or the other. I just got back on the med and did the mindfulness meditation do to keep from freaking out.

Hang tough! Hopefully it will only be a few weeks before you get used to them again.

I agree with you on that @Wave. Your body has changed ( as it should ) so maybe you can do with a little less. Maybe a lifestyle change also.

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