Anybody try this?
How has there experience been with this and side effects profile.
Does it help then with depression?
Whats your experience like?

Weight gain, laziness were my 2 biggest side effects. It was also my first AP…

There are newer better meds out there IMO

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Which meds are newer ?

My pdoc put me on that and it was helpful for a while until I got akathisia from it, which is the worst thing I could ever imagine going through. I did not mind gynecomastia . It did nothing for depression. There are other things for that.

Thats what i take, it helps kinda. At high doses it makes you really restless. At low doses it takes the edge off.

Stomach couldnt tolerate it. Otherwise ok.

I’m on abilify now.

I was on geodon but had horrible sleep problems.

Your post is kind of vague…

Are you in the states? Are you looking for something affordable?

I have either been on Risperdal pills or Risperdal Consta shots almost continuously ever since the year 1996. I have been on Risperdal Consta since 2008.

My last pdoc said it was my “most important med”.

Are they very painful? How long do they hurt? In case I get put back on risperdal again, I would consider trying the shots if they don’t hurt for long.

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Crazy Weight gain. Sexual Dysfunction. Still hearing voices and seeing delusions. Making me tired all day. It does not help with depression for me.

It helps with my delusions.

I get tired tho.

Weight gain, diabetes type 2, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, no libido, lack of motivation, can’t become set on any goal so constantly changing my mind on things, short term memory issues sometimes, some finger and leg muscle twitching, depression, personal cleanliness issues and sleeping way too much (or maybe not enough) but no hallucinations and no delusions of the permanent kind.

are u on any meds now?

Hey @schizophrenick… A statin for cholesterol control, metformin for diabetes control, risperidone for schiz, Wellbutrin for depression, Nexium for excess stomach acid, modafinil for I don’t know why, and about 2 or 3 others that I can’t remember right now. I feel like my docs are just pumping me full of pills for something to do. Any guidance? … But! I’m 65 and according to schiz health stats I should have been dead 6 months ago.


maybe some easy , very light exercise and walking i guess?


They don’t hurt very much if your nurse uses half lidocaine, half prylocaine cream 15 min. before the shot, and uses a one inch needle.

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