Respidone/ MEDS

Hello. My son has been Respirode since he was diagnosed last year and he is doing very well. The question I have is this: can the medicine that he is taking today loose its effect someday? he is well aware of his condition and he understands that he needs to take his meds (he is Veteran and gets an injection 2x a month at the VA). Is it possible that respiridone will work for the rest of his life?


i believe that’s the idea. I am on it as well now for almost 1 month. I am glad i ignored my demons and went to the doctor. It’s a helpful med so far.

I’ve been on Risperidone since January of 2013. It has worked. The dosage has increased from 1mg to 3mg a day. I see a different pdoc, and she is committed to keeping me on it. It will work as long as it works. The best thing is to stick with it until it doesn’t work.

He will have to be aware of his symptoms to see if he is slipping into psychosis. I recommend seeing a therapist who understands Sz. Therapy hurts people with Sz if it focuses on past trauma or abuse. Stress is bad for Sz, so keeping it to a minimum will help.


Thanks for your info. :slight_smile:

Risperdal was the first anti psychotic my Dr put me on. It worked very well for a long time, but ultimately they had to change my med as it quit working. Also, I gained like 40lbs on it. After being put on several diff. meds, they now have me on Latuda 80 mg. This has been nothing short of a magical drug. My loxipine quit working and I started experiencing psychosis. Within one month of being on Latuda, I am feeling like my old self. I highly recommend it. Its only a once a day drug. My psychiatrist gave me my life back by putting me on it. Can’t wait to see him to tell him so!

Risperdal is one of the best meds you can be on as far as not going out on you.

I’ve been on Risperidal three times. The first time it worked pretty well didn’t completely get rid of the voices but it worked quite well in general. But my pdoc put me off of it since I didn’t have Medicaid yet. Then when I moved and did have Medicaid my new pdoc put back on risperidone 8mgs and it worked. But moving again and going to a different doctor who believed his word was as good as God’s put me back on the a med but at a very low dose. It didn’t help anymore I was going bat ■■■■ crazy on it.

The point of this is don’t let him stop taking it unless ordered by a doctor and beware the dose may need to be tweaked after awhile.

i’ve been on different brands of risperidone, risperdal and zofredal and the generic risperidone 2. it’s helped so much for 3 years… although now certain symptoms like paranoia and slight hallucinations are coming back cos i decreased the dosage. but i’m really stable.