Respect others beliefs

I believe in santa claus xx


My grandma had this saying, “never argue about politics, religion, or baseball”

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^^^… or potatoes. (Freaks.)




What if those beliefs are the results of a flawed cognitive process, in other words, they are wrong beliefs. Then you are simply fueling the other person’s delusions. So I can’t necessarily guarantee that I will honor your request in all the situations I encounter. If I did then I would be doing something wrong.


thats true, some people who have delusions and unusual beliefs should not be encouraged,


I see no difference between religion and delusion…except the scale at which they function…

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Really…its not OK to further delusions…unless its the Jesus delusion…

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you dont understand

Present any form of actual evidence…other wise my friend I’m afraid you don’t understand…

its nice to be nice

Again…show me why your religion is diff than any other delusions…with some form of tangible evidence…that can be replicated…its not about being nice or not…

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live and let live

That statement may imply that I too have/practice beliefs.

Beliefs and disbeliefs are simple black and white 1’s and 0’s.

Instead, I prefer to tag the unknown with probability ratings of being true or false.

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everyone has beliefs as far as i am concerned, like a code by which they live by unless they have problems and then it can be impaired like in sz with delusions and faulty thinking etc

That’s disappointing …I hope the next generation of humans let’s go of their delusions…and embraces the future with even half as much energy as we waste on god… Maybe our race will survive…

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you really are hung up with the whole God thing arent you lol

Notice that they seem to only attack Christianity. I don’t see them putting up pictures of Muhammad. At least it seems like that is the one they attack. Just saying is Islam the no1 religion now.

In the name of @Patrick’s pink helium balloon, please stop with the contentious religion debates!

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