Respect issues

Does anyone has issues not feeling respected cause of inferior or superior traits ? I met someone wanted to beat me up cause he knew he was inferior as he told me. I try to explain that he is different. Some people have guns cause of respect issues. What you think ?

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I get disrespected but I don’t think I have superior traits. No one does. Some are just more inclined to humility and others narcissism. Both far from a superior trait.

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I’ve never met someone who I can’t learn from. Hopefully he learned about humility and peace from you.


Take the good, leave the bad. Was a top 5 thing i learned in AA


I understand your frustration @Dunno3x

Looks like you did a good response though

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Yes it’s frustrating. I needed to move on a lot cause sometimes I don’t get respected and run over or intruded into my privacy. I am not a violent person. I found a niche where I can live, but still I am scared it happens again. It says history never repeats. But I am so sick of this. I am to vulnerable for this life.

Another guy, said I don’t respect him, cause I don’t believe what he said. He was very upset about it. He threaten to beat me as well. They are so many delusional people around. I don’t want to be part of it all.

Our educational system, when I don’t believe the teacher ? Mathematics,physics etc. makes sense, you can’t argue that, but what about history,religion or languages ?

What does the psychiatrists do to me when I don’t agree with them ? Teach me respect with a needle ?

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