Telling people to be resilient isn’t always a good thing.It can used to gloss over the problems people have, and what lead to those problems.

The disabled aren’t always helped by simplistic calls for them to be more ‘resilient’.

I always think of resilience to be something you do without really knowing it. That’s why people who are using it a lot can lash out I think, because they’re at the limit with it, and already doing what they can to suppress their anger or whatever emotions they have.

I agree that telling people this is a bit off in my book.

In terms of resilience, I am one of those people who have spent resources in this area. I would not take kindly to someone telling me to do something that’s so exhausting and already trying hard to do

Should we be saying ‘It’s how many times you get up that counts’ ,or should we be creating a society where vulnerable people are less likely to keep falling?


My mom always tells me to be resilient I don’t like it when she says that

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Interesting point, @firemonkey! Definitely some food for thought.

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