Residual Symptoms I Think

So I have been on 4 mg of risperidone for quite some time now and things like the following still enter my mind:

  1. My neighbor’s phone is ringing because another neighbor is calling to let them know that I am awake.
  2. Someone is emitting a high frequency to intentionally make my baby cry.
  3. The police are out to get me or will be out to get me.
  4. My mother poisoned my baby after insisting that she babysit for a few hours.
  5. God is punishing me because I’m interested in practising Wicca with my wife.

These aren’t as severe as pre-risperidone thoughts, but they’re there. Anyone else have residual symptoms like these, even while on medication? Don’t mind the last religious one. I’m quite agnostic but t’is the nature of my craziness sometimes.

I’m on Latuda and Seroquel… I’ve been med compliant for a long time now…

and I still struggle with some sneaky brained thinking. There are some things that I sadly think will never leave me.

I can sort of talk myself out of them for a bit… I can try logic for a bit… but then the sneaking suspicion turns up again and I have to weed it out again… Some of my sneaky brain thinking has taken some pretty deep root.

I still worry / over react about kidnappers
I still try to fight off my Zen delusions
I still find myself suspicious of some of my family.
I’m still trying to fight back the conviction that I’m beginning to predict the future.

Again… I can logic it away for a bit… I can ignore it… I can shake if off sometime… but it’s still there… some days… it’s stronger then others.

I hope you feel better… and just know… Babies can cry for a lot of reasons… sometimes they do it just to see if someone is around to pay attention. I’ve baby sat a lot in my life…

I’m a little envious… I really hope I get to be a father in this life.
Enjoy and I hope things get better for you as well.

Thank you, I hope you find yourself with a child someday. They are wonderful! I’m sorry that you still have thoughts like these as well, but the meds really do help eh? I find that they give us the ability to logic it away. I’m infinitely grateful for what risperidone has done to help and things are truly better than they were.

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Oh yeah…

True the sneaky brained thinking is a bit of a pain… but the big hallucinations… the out of the ball park paranoia… gone. The voices… a mere whisper and seem to amp up mostly at times of stress.

The motivation… back and getting level.

I was SO lucky when I finally found the right meds in the right dose.

But despite how much better I’m doing… there are still some glitches… but at least a serious glitch will only last a day or so at most… it’s not like months of suffering anymore.

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