Residual self image

It was true.

People have no idea what they really look like at all.

It’s terribly insane really.


Often people have wrong self-images, or different from views of other people, some people may feel that they are supermen/women.

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Hey man it’s crazy but when you see through people you see their image of self. They are also filled with ridiculous amounts of love. Not all of them but some of them. It’s pretty absurd people can radiate like that inside.

Time to take some meds.


I am freaked out when I see my reflection or pictures of me today. It’s called depersonalization.

I am like what the ■■■■ that guy is intimidating, and I am that guy? My mom took a picture of me eating a table full of food last night and I saw how big my arm was. It’s like the size of my head. I get a little freaked out. When I workout, it’s like I just do the motions and catch a glimpse of my reflection and think “oh it’s just the pump” but then at night I step out of the shower and see my reflection and it makes me talk to myself for a few hours, mostly arguing with myself.

Funny but not fun.

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I do the best imitation of myself

All the other slim shadys are just imitating


I don’t know what “residual self image” is…

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Watch the matrix. It’s how the program knows what to make the people look like.

It’s also how you recognize yourself.

That gives me a migraine. I always see myself differently.


There are holes in the idea. These people are grown in the matrix and never actually see themselves. They also change clothes and what not.

It was a good movie but it was pretty out there and not valid.

They did do a good embodiment of the coldness of machine intelligence as from the program’s demonstrating a lot of emotion.

Sounds super complex. Did you get your car?

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America’s super model…ain’t she… :heart_eyes:


yessir schififteen characters

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i found this new product called a ’ mirror ’ it is so cool…
you look into the mirror and see this person looking back…who needs video games…lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

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You know what I’m starting to believe really… Somehow this must be biochemical…

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I don’t think of myself as anything super. Matter of fact, more often there is a self conscious feeling of pepetual ugliness. These days I have increased confidence in my body’s physical appearance at a modest amount. I know how it feels to be mistreated for a person’s appearance. I find other creatires to be beautiful in some ways that are difficult to explain whether it be a root sprouting, an chicken squawking, or a person whom inspires me to improve or even encourages me to continue seeking humility. At times, the people that mistreat me are mistreated themselves. It is not my place to belittle anyone on a bad day although I find I should not mistreat anyone beginning with the the person nearest and furthest from me. Self image of conscious thought is where I still feel I need to better. I only feel half way decent, I want to feel well in mind and body. Then maybe I shall be more than decent but never super.

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(clearly my post was messed with)

I’ve had some self conscious issues that seem to be going away the more I learn to just think about other things and not go there. I mean it’s inevitable that situational stimulus or even boredom will bring thoughts back to the surface, but the more you learn to keep them in their box the easier it is to write them off.

You merely are what you are. Looking for ways to improve it isn’t a bad thing, but when that search begins to stress you out you gotta know when to call it quits.

Full true self acceptance is more of an ideal, but the closer you can get to eliminating self judgement will affect every aspect of your life. OR at least that’s what I hope.