Residential treatment facility worth it or not?

I’m being asked, nicely I might add, to go to a residential treatment facility in my state. It looks pretty nice (I don’t want to name it to endorse it or anything), but I’m hesitant about going there. I’m really attached to my family, and my sz has created a comfort zone at home.
My question is, have any of you had experience with residential treatment facilities, and if so how are they? Is it pretty easy to make friends with other sz people in person?

I think these are becoming rare.

However, group homes are big.

Whatever you decide, hopefully it’s right for everyone.

I hope so too man, what’s the difference with a group home, do you know?

You would need to get a case manager to help you.

It is typically run by staff that help you manage your life.

You might be in with MR though, not sure if you’d like that.

Thanks for your answers, helped clear up some uncovered ground of mine! I think I will be leaning more towards the treatment facility with other people with sz.

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Facility or home? I lived in a Residential Treatment HOME for almost exactly a year in 1982. I think the one I was in was pretty unique. it was in the middle of an upscale neighborhood in an affluent city. It was just a big two story house with 8 or 9 residents at a time and two counselors there. One counselor would sleep there overnight and the other counselor would be on duty all day.

But this house took a specific approach to help people, their whole system was based on structure so we had two regular group therapy meetings a week that were mandatory for everybody. Every resident was required to cook dinner once a week for the entire house and we all sat together and ate. Each resident was assigned a chore to do first thing in the morning and do it after dinner. They had us elect a " house manager’ each week who was a resident and part of his/her duties was to check to see that everybody did their chore and grade them on how well they completed it.

Everybody had to be up and out in the morning by 9:00 am and they kept the doors locked until 4:00 pm. I didn’t make any friends there but some of the people paired up and became friends and did stuff together in their free time.

I don’t think you will find a place exactly like this anywhere, but it is enough like other group homes. You are cooped up with other people so you won’t isolate, you do chores, have meetings, have young counselors who are kind of like paid friends(to use an old cliché). You eat together. it is a small community of people who live together. It’s hard to be lonely there because you always have people around.


I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill in Oklahoma. Where I live isn’t a resort, but it’s okay to me. I’ve stayed in other assisted living centers for about a month or so. I’ve lived in my present one for fourteen years. These places aren’t resorts. Sometimes the toilets don’t flush well, and they are fouled. You might have to look around for one that isn’t fouled to use the bathroom. There are usually several toilets in these facilities. I know of one assisted living center that got shut down because the facilities were too bad. Most of the people here are fairly low functioning. People get along for the most part. People stay for varying amounts of time where I live. Some stay a few months. Some stay a few years. Some stay a decade or two. Every once in a while a person who is intellectually stimulating comes through here, and we have good conversations. I live in the “independent living” section of my assisted living center. That means I have my own apartment and bathroom. I get money to buy groceries and other necessities - enough to have spending money. I buy my clothes at thrift stores, and I am careful how I spend my money. I also get food stamps that just about cover all my groceries, but that is because I am extremely careful how I shop for groceries. Everyone goes to town once a week. The people in the regular part of the program get ten dollars a week spending money, and a ten dollar Wal Mart gift card once a month. Some of them get money from home. I get $60.00 week spending money, $50.00 a month because I don’t smoke cigarettes, (They supply the smokers with a pack a day of smokes, and they give the non-smokers the money they would have spent on their cigarettes.) I get $143.00 a month food stamps. They also pay people to do odd jobs. I will make about $220.00 this summer for mowing the lawn. People have gotten $25.00 a week for cleaning the bathrooms at the clubhouse. One woman gets some money, I don’t know how much, for washing and folding the dirty hand towels. We go to day treatment at a clubhouse five days a week, from 8:30 to 2:30. We have one group session at the clubhouse, and then we are free to drift around. What I describe is the assisted living center where I live. I stayed for a few hours at an assisted living center where they went to town once a month and stayed in day treatment until 4:30 pm. I decided it wasn’t for me and hit the road. I don’t know how many other assisted living centers have independent living programs.


You can always go there just to check it out-see how you like it.