Residential treatment centers for mental health?

I used to be a drug addict and ended up going to a residential treatment center for addiction. It helped immensely, but didn’t really do much about the mental illness causing the drug problem in the first place. I’ve been hospitalized 4 times, and the longest I’ve ever stayed was 2 weeks, the typical stay for me is 5 days, and at least in my state the hospitals are always geared more toward people with depression and other more common mental illnesses, the only thing they do about schizo is give you meds, they don’t teach you how to deal with your symptoms or how to get back into society and be able to cope at work or anything.

I’ve also gone to outpatient programs, and they didn’t help very much either, the therapists never have any advice except “take antipsychotics”. Antipsychotics don’t fix everything. It’s very hard for someone like me to get integrated into society without some sort of help. I want to gain the skills required to contribute to society and live independently, but I’m not sure how to do that. Everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked.

During my last really long psychotic episode my family was wanting to get me into a place like the drug treatment center I went to, only one for mental illness. I think a place like that, where you can actually go outside, you can have some of your own things, you’re busy doing programs meant to help you recover most of the day instead of milling around most of the time like in the mental hospital, would be much more helpful, and more bearable for a long term stay than in psychiatric unit and I think that’s what I need. Every job I’ve gotten I’ve gotten fired from because of my illness despite being on meds. I really need a place that can help me learn the skills needed to function normally in society, and short term hospitals just don’t do that, or help much in regards to schizoaffective at all.

We found some RTCs for mental health, such as Cooper Riis, and they sounded like they would be extremely helpful for helping people like me be able to function in society and live independently. But the places we found don’t take insurance, and they are INSANELY expensive, there isn’t an option for low income people. Yet there are RTCs for drug addicts that aren’t that expensive and that take insurance. I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any places like this that are cheap in the US. The location doesn’t matter, if it takes insurance or isn’t crazy expensive. Does anyone have experience with a place like this? Do they even exist?

I know people on here don’t like Dr Phil but I know he helps many people. Why not try contacting him?

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