Resident Evil

Watching Resident Evil right now. Watching TV is about the only thing I have to look forward to these days. I wish I liked playing video games. The controllers have too many buttons and I get confused and irritated.

Resident Evil is okay, but it has too many sequels. I think I saw all the Resident Evil movies, so far.

I like Milla Jovovich. That’s my girl.

She’s eye candy. I thought she would be more popular, but I guess she has a bad talent agent, or something like that.

That’s a good point, you’d think she would be in more movies.

Get a wii. All the buttons that you need to know is the a and b and trigger, it’s very simple, most of it is just waving it around. And on top of that they have never been cheaper.

If buttons are your issue get a wii.

That’s a pretty good idea actually, thanks. I might do that.