Requip helped me deal with schizophrenia

i didnt expect this. this medication generic name ropinirole trade name requip when i read about it first time they say it is used for treatment of parkinsons disease and one of its distressing side effects it aggravates schizophrenia or produces pychosis in healthy individuals. suprisingly when i used it calmed me down to a degree that i became depressed because of it. i became very peaceful person with big heart!!. all the aggressiveness is gone.the anxiety had disapeared. the voices became vey peaceful and nice. i recommend every person with schizophrenia to give this medication a shot and share your experience with us. you have to take this medication after meals because of its nausea and vomiting side effect. thanks for your time.

You might be right about trying this med. It’s a D3 agonist, which is implicated in having effect on negative symptoms (the reason why you seem to have benefit from it). Interesting, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing.