Requesting a two month suspension

Finding this place is becoming detrimental to my health. Need a break, thanks!

[ bites a few ankles on the way out ]



No you cant leave us with @ZombieMombie

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2 months is long. I hope you’ll come back sooner.

We need your jokes!

My ankles will miss youse.

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You will be missed


Get out there and enjoy the Spring weather! You’ll be missed, but see you in 8 weeks, dude! :slight_smile:

Take care. You have a good break, bites ankle back, hides behind bed, giggling to self.

I hope the break is helpful and that you settle into your new place well.

hope it wasn’t from me.
you’ve always to have a good sense of humor.

I’ll miss you. Enjoy your break :slight_smile:

Il ltake care of it. See you soon.

Take care hope the break helps you

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Clever girl…cheetah speed

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See you when you get back. You tend to be the voice of reason here so don’t be surprised if the mad house gets even crazier while you’re gone

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well, they let you get mad crazy,
but really nothing with reality.