Reprogrammed cells could tackle brain damage


Interesting approach, to reprogram cells with genetic engineering or just drugs, instead of cell transplant.

Chen has founded a company to develop therapies with astrocyte reprogramming, including a cocktail of small molecules that could reprogram cells without brain surgery or the use of a virus. “I believe this is the future,” he told the audience at his conference presentation. “It’s the next frontier in regenerative medicine.”

Hey, already trying it in monkeys, that’s good…

Researchers have also begun to look for indications that the approach helps animals heal. In a study posted in April on the preprint server bioRxiv, Chen’s group reported that reprogrammed cells improved a mouse’s ability to walk and use its front limbs after a stroke. At the meeting, he hinted that the same approach had restored neural tissue in the brains of stroke-injured monkeys; experiments to gauge their recoveries are ongoing at a collaborator’s facility in China, he says.


This is pretty amazing!