Reports I've gotten about relationships

Some of the reports I am getting about relationships make me glad I didn’t have very many of them. I’ve heard a couple of times about a hammer being used in a fight, with great effect. This one woman had a husband who was an alcoholic, and she said she told him once, "Why don’t you do the world and yourself a favor and kill yourself? There is great bitterness in these reports. People are shocked by what they have been through. My mom was pretty shell shocked after she got her divorce from dad.


I saw a lot of things growing up, so I know what you mean. What some people survive is incredible

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I’ve spent 25+ years without relationships. Like I was inside a box afraid of accumulation of bad karma.

Being alone takes a lifetime to accomplish and maybe once you do someone you like comes along.

I have no ego now. I have this sense of egolessness. It’s a type of death. I didn’t come across it by arduous meditation practice, rather it’s the result of sz. I lost my sense of self by negative means. I don’t really understand. Maybe I’m wrong about all of it and it is self induced from my reading and rereading certain literature.

I realize tonight the world has been delt a blow, or, maybe, COVID has woken us up to universal suffering.

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Yes, I understand that very well. There’s a sense of peace that comes with it, don’t you think?

My wife keeps giving me The Stinkeye. Hey, I got the dirty laundry right next to the clothes hamper. That’s good enough, isn’t it?


I don’t know if I feel peace. I feel like I died. But now it’s pronounced I’m still there as a sense of being dead which is a contradiction. My voices really have to stop hurting me because they are hurt too as a result.

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I hope the voices ease up on you. We all need a break from it sometimes

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Lol you havent lived unless youve experienced the power of the stink eye :sweat_smile:


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