Reports have given me reason to believe that people on this forum might be jaded

WHAT! JADED! Well,THIS is news i’ll tell you that much…

This is a disturbing thing for me to be suspicious is happening.

…I’m tryna be funny! :weary: :upside_down_face:

Things like that…they make me sad, they make me feel like taking on the character of a crooked jester.

That is a ridiculous thing for me to feel that I need to do…

Why must I be a demented and ridiculous man? Why must I remain a person who has been crushed and abridged by the symptoms of inadequately diagnosed and treated clinical bipolar depression?

What do you think @sleeping_pills. What am I doing wrong. How can I be better?

…If I’m not beautiful can I at least be funny?

Am I arrogant?

Is it unsavory?

…Am I getting a response out of anyone?

Please don’t be mad…go easy…I want to smile…I don’t want to frown…

New phone who dis

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I’ve been admittedly jaded for half my adult life.

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I think it’s @gorrister

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I have no idea what you’re trying to say but I’m offended.


No, life is like a bowl of cherries. With whipped cream on top. And chocolate sauce. On a warm day. On Christmas. And you just won the lottery.

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