Reporting child neglect anonymously

I’ve seen these 2 siblings 3 times this week. Every time they have been wearing the same clothes, have not had ANY sort of hygienic cleaning done (covered in dirt, nappy, dirty, tangled hair), they live with no electricity, can only flush the toilet once a day, and live in UTTER FILTH. I have had it. I haven’t said anything to the parents for fear of tipping my hand, but today was the last straw. I have decided to report them to the child enforcement bureau. I’m getting their address, I have their names and places of employment, and am ready to pull the trigger on this. The kids are 4 and 8. I’ve had some misgivings about possibly being the one putting them into “the system,” but I can’t in good conscience let these kids live the way they are. What say the hive mind? Good idea or no?

They won’t be put in the system just because you report them to child services - I think all that might happen at the best of cases is that they check on the family and evaluate the treatment of the kids. My vote would be to do it so that the kids get proper treatment.


I didn’t spell it out, but this mother in question is already in the rolls. She has had her 2 oldest removed from the home and lost custody. I’m wondering if she’s on a short leash, you know?

Screw it, they’ve been reported. I anonymously called and gave all kinds of info, and they said the bureau will come in contact with the children with 24 hours. Here’s to hoping something gets done.


I admire your willingness to get involved and make that hard call. I hope the kids get the help they need.

There’s been movement on this already. The mother has been contacted and is currently being interviewed. A little heightened paranoia from my wife because it’s her friend we reported, but she acknowledges that we did the right thing.


As someone who used to be a mandatory reporter by all means report. Report. Report. Report. Until they do something. Children shouldn’t have to live that way.