Repeating People?

Okay so apologies if this is in the wrong place I wasn’t sure where to put it because I’m not sure if this is a real thing that’s happening or not.

TLDR version is: three times this week, when out walking or in the car or wherever, I’ve had this weird experience. I’ll see somebody, then a few minutes later see them a second time, when that couldn’t possibly be so. And I don’t know if this is illness or if something weird is happening.

So the first time this happened I was out on a jog at the beginning of this week. I passed this older woman with distinct bob cut dark hair with grey bits, wearing a purple coat and with big black boots on. Normal looking person really, I smiled as she passed but she didn’t look over. And then a few minutes down the road and round a corner, I walk past her again, walking toward me, same as before. And the size of the block we were walking on, there was no way she could have looped all the way around and be walking past me again. Odd but didn’t think about it too much.

A few days later it happened again. Again, I’m out jogging and I pass by a man walking toward me, with bright whitish-grey hair and a tan leather(ish) jacket. Not a minute later I come around a corner and he’s in front of me again, waiting at a pedestrian crossing. I am certain it was the same person, and they couldn’t have gotten back ahead without me noticing, there was no way for him to do that.

Today we were out in the car, we went to pick up a painting from someone who lives nearby. On the way home we let this man on a bicycle cross the road in front of us. Again, very soon after I saw the same person on the same bicycle, riding in the opposite direction.

Like…has anyone experienced this, either as a real thing happening or something that turned out to be just in their head?? It’s getting creepy now.

Yeah that sounds like the plot of a horror movie or something. Pretty creepy.

The closest experience I had to that was I kept seeing this(I thought the same) old woman everywhere. But I was getting more ill then.

The kicker is when I was hospitalised there she was as a patient. :joy:

It obviously wasn’t the same person I was seeing all the time though. I was just getting sicker.


This is probably hallucinations. I mean ask your pdoc. Once I was walking in my neighborhood and saw this Hispanic guy. He smiled at me but I knew he wasn’t real. For one thing I lived in a town that was white as a snowflake :snowflake: (well except my daughter is mixed. Ecuadorian and white)

Right?? I don’t know if you’ve seen It Follows but yeah…yikes. It’s a very unsettling experience.

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That is exactly what I’m afraid of here. But it just feels so incredibly real.

The dude I saw looked real

Yeah… I mean you’re probably right. Like I dont want that to be it, but it’s most likely.

sounds like it would make

a great story, maybe you could try writing it?

it seems like your mind is copying an image

that you had just seen

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On 2 occasions I have seen my self out in public. Once when I was admitted and I walked past myself.

The second was out in the community. Could saw myself across the street

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I think you’re kind of insinuating that something magical or paranormal is going on. There has to be a simple, logical explanation. Maybe you’re seeing sets of people who are wearing similar clothes. Or maybe you lost track of time and these people had plenty of time to be seen twice.


The Hispanic guy I saw looked very real but I knew he wasn’t.

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I have also seen myself out in public. My spirit momentarily jumped into the body of another and I was left to witness as an empty vessel.

Your visual hallucinations aren’t see-through?

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They’re usually indistinguishable from real, solid objects.

Oh that’s kind of spooky. I hope it doesn’t distress you too much, sorry for asking if it bothered you. I sometimes get inappropriate with my curiosity. Mine appear like holograms.

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Hey no problem, I’m always open to questions and not easily offended :blush: that’s actually really interesting to learn the differences in what we see

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Not meaning to insinuate anything. Just asking.

I see my pdoc walking his dog, at the same restaurant, on t.v., crossing the road, all over the place. He doesn’t live here, doesn’t have a dog, doesn’t go for walks while he’s in town and has not been on tv.
It’s very weird.

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