Repeating dreams

Have you ever had a situation where a dream was so real that you couldn’t tell for certain that it wasn’t part of a waking delusion? In my head i am sure the same thing has repeated itself several times. It concerns the sun going out and the world ending at midnight. The thing is i don’t usually remember dreams let alone have repeating ones.

I have had dreams like that all the time. I’ve had dreams add to parts of my delusions. Some of them feel so real. I’m trying to tell people what happened and my sis is adamant that I was in bed all night fast asleep.

I also get repeating dreams. Sometimes they will add to the confusion.


all my dreams feel real but i don’t think it is a sz thing, i know other people who swear they are there in the dream and it is all real.
take care

I had a dream where I kept asking people “How do I get to my hometown? This is not the city I live in”. Then a woman turns her head and says “This is your home”. She points to snow capped mountain with a large cathedral on top.

Guess i’m dead. :ghost:

I like your dream. Maybe it doesn’t mean you’re dead.