Renting out the basement

Hi. I am thinking about renting out my basement. There will be two rooms in the basement one room is a good size room and one bedroom is smaller. A guy that is nice to me that I know said he would rent the whole basement for 650 a month. Or I could advertise the rooms on fb marketplace and rent the large room for about 750 and the small room for about 550 for a total of 1300 a month. I wouldn’t mind the extra money I am still thinking about a masters someday also. Does anybody have any insight into which option would be optimal? I could also live alone for while. I am also working part time right now I haven’t gotten paranoid for maybe a week.

  • Rent out 1 room to friend
  • Rent out two rooms with fb marketplace
  • Live alone

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Maybe you should google “being a landlord” and get an idea of what the experience would be like. You’re responsible for any problems that happen on your property. There’s a lot involved.

Can you guys see the poll it’s not working for me

Yeah, not working on this end, either.

I had a friend rent a room from me and it’s been a terrible experience.

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