Remodeling the band room

we are recently remodeling the band roomalthough it is is a rather small roomwe have a lot of fun playing music in itI wish we had a grant for more equipmentand getting around to getting her own website

What genre of music does your band play? And what instrument do you play?

I play the guitar sometimes organ mostly I like to sing

Very cool! I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar.

I’ve never been in a band, but I was the pianist and music director for my church for years.

I find music to be very healing and energizing. I hope you get your space set up nicely and get to enjoy it!



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we have our lot of young people that come and want to learn all the times are used to sing in the church choir a long time ago mostly the band plays classic rock and we like writing music most of the time it’s a kind of hobby workshop

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Renovation idea is good but is never an easy task.If your space is limited for placing all the musical instruments then you can take advice from architects as they are experience of how to manage in limited space. Recently, my house was remodelled from denver renovations and they did good work in limited space.