Remixed the new pop smoke song

Rest In Peace

Wow I barely put as much effort into this as I usually do into songs. But I learned how to mix so much better now so it comes so much more effortless.

Trigger warning a lil


R.i.p pop smoke, died so young

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His voice was 1 in a million

People would’ve heard that voice many years and recognize it

They said he was the next 50 cent

He looked a lot older than he was (21 I believe)

What a shame. Rip.

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Anyone else thinks this can blow up

I thought “What does he have against Jews?” Who died?

Pop smoke the original writer of this song died. Murdered in his air bnb . He said “she wanna f with the woo”

I said “she wanna f with the Jew”.

Cuz I’m Jewish

No slight against Jews of course, Me being at least 50% Jewish

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■■■■ has multiple things it could mean

This particular case it’s in a positive light

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I watched a reality tv rap competition on Netflix a while back. The judges would say things like “I f*** with that” or “I f*** with you” and I picked up that it was slang for “I really liked that”. Cardi B was a judge and Snoop also and Chance the Rapper. Can’t think of the name of the show.

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Haha yeah. Cool I didn’t know you would know of chance the rapper

I’m aware cardi b is such a global icon but didn’t realize chance was so famous

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Loke check out the original version of this song if you get a chance!

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Here it is:

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