Remix: Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark (Lekker Hondje Bootleg)

This time a remix of Hoobastank’s tune Crawling In The Dark.


I went to a KORN concert once,

And to my surprise, the opening act was Hoobastank.

Doesn’t quite match, but okay.

This was the only song of theirs I liked okay.

Most everyone in the theater sat down when their set came on.

It was weird.

But what were they thinking putting this in front of KORN fans?

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Also, your remix sounds really cool.

You should be proud.

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lol funny to have hoobastank open for KORN =D
I like KORN too =) good band.

thanks for listening @anon54386108 =)
i’m glad you enjoyed it.

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