Apparently my schizophrenia is episodic and mostly in remission . That’s based on positive symptoms . Pdoc’s going to explore negative symptoms next year. Do I feel I’ve reached a level where I’m on a par with the average, non mentally ill person? Certainly not. I’'m doing better because of support and the easing of stress because of it. I supposedly have no anhedonia ;, which is the psychiatrist’s version re accuracy of a film critic saying that John Wayne never acted in a Western. I’m emotionally flat. I feel little in the way of pleasure or its opposite. Life is internet and TV with very little else .There are no overt signs of depression, but a feeling of being useless and worthless. Days of feeling stupid and days of thinking I’m not stupid but most other people are.


It sounds like you’re down on yourself about a lot of things. I’m sorry you feel like that. To me, you appear to be a good person and I like having you around on the forum. I do understand less interest in things you used to enjoy as I have that problem too.

:laughing: :laughing:

Sounds alot like how I am day to day.

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